Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sell Already, Damn House

I am abundantly blessed. The word prompt for this week’s Group Blogging Experience is longing and when I search my heart, there’s not a lot of longing going on in there. I’m happy with what I have, I love the people in my life and I’m creatively stimulated by what I do for a living. I’ve tried to think of a deeply meaningful and profound way to approach the subject; maybe a patriotic post about longing for world peace, or a direct post about longing for a robust economic recovery, or a haunting post about longing for a lost lover…


The only thing I am REALLY longing for is a new house. The house we live in has been on the market for 3, yes, 3 years. 3 years! We want to downsize our house and upsize our yard. We want to scale down, simplify. We want to organize our life to where my husband can retire soon. But we can’t sell this damn house.

Here’s why it’s bugging me to the point of distraction:

Strangers want to enter our house at a moment’s notice
We live in our house, it’s not a showroom. We have a cat and a dog that live here too. We’re not slobs but we’re not top notch, everything-in-its-place-at-all-times kind of people. When we get notification of a showing, I drop everything and clean like a maniac for as much time as I’m given. It’s mayhem.

At the advice of our realtor, we de-cluttered and moved personal things
The family photos, framed kid’s artwork, craft projects and cool stuff are rotting in the basement; most of it is ruined by the extreme weather shifts. We never dreamed the good stuff would languish in the basement for 3 years! It’s sad.

I want another dog
Yeah, I know. But I do, really badly. We have no yard here and we’re trying to sell the house so it just doesn’t make sense. The timing is off. Still, I want to rescue another dog, and I have for the last 3 years. We’ve always said we’d get a friend for Frosty when we moved. I’ve been waiting for a long time. It’s maddening.

I could keep writing about this but I don’t want to be a complete downer. For those of you in our predicament, I wish you swift and good luck. For those of you that pray, please send up a few. If praying is not your thing, please light candles or dance naked or do that manifest thing or send positive thoughts, mojo, juju, or anything else that may help.

I am longing to sell this damn house.      


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  1. Everything happens as it should. IF you are meant to move, the house will sell. IF it doesn't, perhaps there is an excellent reason for the non-sale. Just sayin'...

  2. Hope it sells soon. I rented my grandmother's house which had been up for sale over 5 years before it sold. I totally feel your pain in people wanting to see it at a moment's notice. It's like you can never get settled because you know you'll be moving.

    Good luck and hope it sells super soon...

  3. I am so sorry. It is hard to have a dream and have one big blocker to your dream. My retirement dream was to move to TN, but when I retired 3 years ago, Hubby waffled. So, looks like we will be here for the rest of our lives. I'm simplifying and parting with all the stuff I collected back when I didn't know any better... I have a l-o-n-g way to go! LOL.

  4. Good luck! I keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Such a bummer to have a house up for sale and have it not move. 3 years is such a long time to be waiting! Good luck on it ... I'll include you in my prayers.

  6. Sorry it has been so hard to sell. Put a St. Anthony figure in the yard and it will sell. Can you tell I am Catholic? Great hub. Good luck

  7. Well, you could theoretically keep the lot, bulldoze the house, and build a smaller one... ;)

  8. Sending prayers your way.

    Oh, and this might sound crazy, but decades ago when we wanted to sell our first house, a realtor friend told me to bake something before showings so that when people walked in the door, they'd have an immediate feeling of comfort and without really knowing why, they would feel that they'd come home.

    I knew that I wouldn't always have time to bake, so instead, I simmered a small pan of water on the stove with cinnamon and nutmeg in it for a little bit and then walked through every room in the house with the pan before lookers walked in. That first house sold to the 3rd couple who looked. Seven years ago, we were again selling and I did the same thing. Looker #2 became our buyer. :O)

  9. I would love to have another cat in my home but my parent's would never go for it. My 4 year old is enough for them! lol

  10. I hope it all works out soon. That's terrible about your belongings. We've always tended to take some advice from Realtors but ignore a lot of it, just by thinking about what we would want to see as potential buyers.

  11. I hope your home sells soon--like you I don't long for much --I am also so very blessed. Loved the post. I also LOVE this blog background! Awesome ;) Cheers!! Jenn


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