Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene is Growing Wild

My cousin, my mom and I are having a girl’s weekend at the beach. We’re mourning and celebrating the life of Aunt Dot—and having a big time. One thing we’re not doing is keeping up with the news.

If it wasn’t for Facebook and telephone calls, I wouldn’t know that Hurricane Irene is coming to the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina. So whether I stay at Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. or go home to Charleston, S.C., I’ll likely face an angry tropical storm, or worse.

Hurricane Irene is growing wild; she’s up to a Category 3 storm with 125 mph maximum sustained winds.

Over the telephone, my husband and I made plans; we try to have a week’s worth of supplies on hand when a storm is coming—enough to get us through a week with no electricity. He’s going to find candles and matches, our transistor radio, flashlights, and batteries. He’ll also get our canisters of propane filled, get a full tank of gas in his car and get cash.

I went to the grocery store here on OIB for basic canned food that can be eaten hot or cold. I also got peanut butter, fresh fruit, bread and water. We’ve already got enough dog food and cat food at home.

For now, my plan is to drive from Ocean Isle Beach, N.C to Charleston, S.C. tomorrow morning. When I get back to Charleston, we’ll fill the bathtubs with water and canvas the outside of the house. We’ll bring outdoor furniture, potted plants, yard art (not that we have any, ha) and anything else that can go projectile inside. 

So we’re as ready as we can be. If the storm continues to grow wild, on into a Category 4, we’ll hit the road and travel west. Wish us luck.

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  1. Communing prayers for your safekeeping and that no damage will be sustained. Living in Hurricane alley is no picnic for the nerves! Stay calm and collected, and know you can always return here for shoulders to lean on.

  2. As previously stated...your inland refuse awaits you as needed.

  3. I'm in Orlando, so it looks like we dodged this one. I'm sorry if you end up in the path. I have probably not completely recovered from the 3 hurricanes that hit my home in 2004, but we ARE completely prepared. We have EVERYTHING needed to keep us in food, comfort and air conditioning in the event of another hurricane. I NEVER want to live without air conditioning for 6 days in August EVER again!!!

    About those flying projectiles... We have very little to take in (part of our hurricane plan), but I have been warily eyeing the mess in my neighbor's yard for several months since she moved in. I'm not happy with all of the possibilities all ready to fly into my house or that brand new 2011 Tahoe that is sitting in my driveway for only 1 day! LOL... I told my husband that if the hurricane heads this way, I want to lock my house and hit the road! hahaha Or go park it in a public garage until after the storm...

  4. Keep safe - you're obviously preparing well. My daughter and family are currently on Disney cruise somewhere near Bahamas (I think!) - due back in Florida on Saturday and it seems that Irene is going to bypass Florida.

  5. Sounds like a good plan based on experience. Be safe and stay in touch, as you can!

  6. You sound as prepared as you can be, nothing left to do but your best to stay safe!

  7. Smart preparations! Stay safe and know that you have lots of people thinking about you and wishing you well.

  8. Good luck with your preparations!! Prayers go with you that you and your family will remain safe.


  9. Much luck to you. Becareful--and don't hestitate to evacuate if necessary. Hurricanes aren't to be messed with, that's for sure! Stay safe!!

  10. Should I give my son a frantic phone call? He always makes fun of me when I do; but gee, he lives in Charleston too.


  11. i LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! DID YOU TAKE IT?? awesome!! (and yes i interpreted this writing exercise just like you..and just like you RELIEVED irene DIDN'T GET US WET!!) lol


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