Friday, February 20, 2015

Workout Motivation Throw Pillows

I was recently inspired to create a collection of typography pillows with motivational quotes targeted  towards the health and fitness crowd. The series was created for athletes and people who make health and wellness and going to the gym a priority.

Truth be told, I designed these inspirational pillows for myself. I needed a good, old-fashioned talking to and organizing and creating these pillows did the trick. For some reason, I had fallen off the workout wagon. My motivation lagged and I couldn't seem to get back in gear but doing this project lit a fire under my, well, it got me jacked up to hit it hard.
Today is a New Beginning

Whether you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, triathlete, weightlifter, cross trainer or a Zumba enthusiast, my hope is that these typography motivational pillows will inspire you every time you see them. Also, these would also make a great gift for anyone who is looking to put more focus on their health and more effort into their workouts.      

You can easily change the background color to match a specific decor. If you’d like the typography to be another color or a different font, feel free to contact me either here or via the “ask the designer” link on the product page. Now, stop reading this and hit the gym. :-)

Better Sore than Sorry

No Excuses
Every Damn Day

I Will Not Be Stopped

Click the pillow for buying information and pricing. Click here to see the entire collection of motivational typography pillows. 

Thanks for taking a look.


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