Tuesday, June 7, 2011

True Friends

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
And so we were. Stupid may be harsh, but we sure were silly with each other.

A few weeks ago my oldest (um, length of time we've known each other...) friend preformed a one-woman show in front of thousands. She's a pro, in fact we met in the theater department in college (Appalachian State University - go Mountaineers) and continue a lifelong friendship. The night was big for her, and several old friends traveled to see the show and offer support. It was a blast, she wowed the audience. In addition to the joy of hearing Starr sing, I got to see a handful of friends I have not seen in over 20 years (don't bother doing the math, we're old).

Starr, my singing friend, earns a nice living with her voice. She has a second home at the beach near my house. As things work out sometimes, she is at her beach house this week. Another friend from the ASU theatre department came through town with her husband last night. The first time I've seen Kim since college was at Starr's show. Now I had an opportunity to see her (and her wonderful husband, she picked a good one) again in less than a month. Happily, we managed a dinner together. It was hilarious. And heartwarming. True friendship is when you can pick back up, right where you left off, no matter how much time has passed. 

I am blessed with true friends.


  1. It always amazes me how true friends can get together after years and pick up where they left off. It's so nice that you have friends like that!

    Thanks for the Winnie the Pooh quotes, too. Ya gotta love Pooh. :)

  2. I almost started a blog on this very topic today. Love it! There is nothing so lifting to the spirit as time well spent with friends.


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